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Are you a tourist visiting Israel?

NES Mobile is proud to offer you a mobile phone rental  for your upcoming trip to Israel! Please review the page below to choose the plan that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that your USA Cell roaming charges could cost you $2.50/minute while in Israel. 

Please note the following:
  • You will receive your Israeli number (and your USA number should you order one) by email shortly after your order. 
  • A standard phone is included for FREE with your rental, or you may bring your own UNLOCKED SIM FREE Smartphone with you and we can provide you with a local SIM card. If you need a Micro SIM or a Nano SIM, please make sure to choose the right option from the dropdown menu.
  • You could also get a local USA number to ring on your Israeli Cell phone for just $1/day.


Should you have any questions, please email us
or call us Israel: +972-52-22-55-345, USA: 1-201-464-2180



Israel Phone- Unlimited Calls & Local Text

Basic Phone or SIM card + Unlimited Calls to landlines and mobiles in Israel, USA and Canada + Unlimited Texts in Israel + Unlimited Incoming Texts & Calls. No Insurance or Deposits Fees.


Israel phone rental$6.50 + VAT Per Day



Israel SIM Card- Unlimited Calls, Local Text & Data 



Israel SIM card for tourists

$7.95 + VAT Per Day
  • Max. Monthly Charge: $99.95 + VAT
  • Int'l texts: 29¢
  • SIM Cards of all sizes (Nano, Micro & Regular) for all phone models

Israel Pocket WIFI- Unlimited Internet

A Mobile WiFi Hotspot with Unlimited Internet anywhere in Israel. Connects up to 5 devices at once. Fast 3G connection. Easy to use. No Insurance or Deposits Fees.



Israel Mifi wireless Internet

$7.95 + VAT Per Day 


Combo - Unlimited  WiFi + Phone  


Best Value- Rental an Israel Phone and MiFI and save money.

$12.50 + VAT Per Day