Smartphone Setup For Data APN Services In Israel


APN (Access Point Name)

If you are planning on bringing an unlocked smart phone to Israel, you will need to set up the data services APN on your phone so your phone will be able to connect to the Cellular Internet network. APN stands for Access Point Name. This is the address that your phone is looking for so it can reach the cellular internet. We recommend you print this page ahead of your trip to Israel and keep it with you. The entire process should take only 2-3 minutes.

NOTE: Virtually all  iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 Phone Models have automatic APN settings and do not require any changes. 

For iPhone Data APN settings for Israel Click Here


For Android Data APN Settings for Israel Click Here



Android Settings:


1.   Press the menu button

2.   Tap Settings.

3.   Tap Wireless Controls or wireless networks.

4.   Tap Mobile Networks.

5.   Check that:

"Data Roaming" and "Use Only 2G Networks" are both unchecked

6.   Tap Access Point Names.

7.   Press the menu button.


8.   Select New APN. Enter the following details:

  • Name: Cellcom Internet
  • APN: Sphone


  • APN Type: default,supl

9. Press Menu and Save

10. You are now supposed to see the new APN listed ynder APN

11. Make sure the green or Blue button near the new APN you just entered is on






iPhone 3, iPhone 4 Settings:

(NOTE: Virtually all  iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 Phone Models have automatic APN settings and do not require any changes.) 

1.  Tap Settings

2.   Tap General Settings 

3. Tap Network

4. Turn ON: Enable 3G

5. Tap Cellular Data Network

6. Add New APN

7. APN Name: internetg

8. MCC: 425

9. MNC: 2

10. Authentication Type: Normal

11. APN Type: GPRS



















**** Restart your phone

**** you are now supposed to be connected to the internet. 

**** look at the reception bars, and you are supposed to see either an H, G or 3G signal. This means you are connected.